Guard Your Senses

Probably one of the last glass pieces with a homemade frame I will be able to do in awhile due to our family moving. Had so much fun with this one. This piece came together based on inspiration from Bobbie Burgers’ and Elly Smallwood’s work. At times as an artist, you may become discouraged feeling like your craft is meaningless. Might I suggest finding inspiration from other artists and feeling what their work does to you? Feel your heart in your throat and your emotions heightened when you view their work. Then try to tell me your craft has no meaning. Something tells me you wont be able to. Enjoy the creations of other artists. It is life giving!


Play with ideas if they pop up. Don’t analyze and critique before you have even begun. I write these posts as much for myself as for those who read the blog. Further developing a style here hoping to find a playful and interesting way to present people. Thanks to my hubby for letting me borrow your face for this piece. I love painting skin!


The key to your passion is to never plan on arriving. I have wasted too much time trying to cage the creature instead of admiring its beauty. I have been chasing some final idea instead of following the next line of curiosity. Here I am experimenting with some new styles for my work. Thank God the passion has sparked again.